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Hi I’m Marnie Roberts. I’m the winemaker, owner, creative director and business manager of Matriarch and Rogue.

Matriarch and Rogue is an organic brand that has evolved in a sustainable and opportunistic way. The core values of the brand fall into 3 categories:

  1. Family
  2. The Clare Valley
  3. Alternative Varieties and winemaking

The top tier wines fall into all three values. Including single vineyard, hand plunged, small volume. They have room for growth and development but it is limited by the fruit available in the Clare Valley. The by M&R range has been developed directly in the third core value, Alternative Varieties and winemaking. I want people to be tempted and able to try something they usually wouldn’t, to go outside of their comfort zone and taste something that is available to them at a realistic price point that allows the risk of ‘will I like it or wont I?’

Early in my wine career, I was introduced to various varieties and styles of wine with the start of the Alternative Wine show that was showcased in my home town, Mildura. As a young woman, working in a lab from a bulk winery and being exposed to all these weird sounding wines, passionate people who champion these varieties, tasting them and going ‘wow, how do you say it and where did it come from?’ to say it was enlightening and an eye-opener is an understatement. The match was lit and my desire to taste and learn more had begun.

This range allows the free style of going to any area, finding fruit that is interesting and delicious and making wine that lets the flavours I try in the vineyard shine through.

I hope that you enjoy them and are as excited as I am to get the average Shiraz or Cab Sav punter to try them!