Darby 6

$150.00 $125.00

Vinodiversity is the creation of Darby Higgs, who is a man interested in alternative wine varieties in Australia.  Hence the perfect combination with Marnie and Matriarch and Rogue Wines.  After much consultation, they have come up with the Darby 6 wine pack, highlighting all that is interesting in Marnie’s range of wines.


Marnie has joined forces with Vinodiversity to offer you the Darby 6 pack.

After much discussion Marnie and Darby Higgs from Vinodiversity have come up with this cracker of a 6 pack

  1. Jim Montepulciano
  2. Bob Fiano
  3. Ken Rose
  4. Maurie Vermentino
  5. By M&R Saperavi
  6. By M&R Nero d’Avola

For $125 plus $15 freight.