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Matriarch and Rogue evolved to the brand it is today from the love of my family, Clare Valley and climate appropriate varieties created using various winemaking techniques.

I want to create wines that are a tribute to the strong women and men in my family. With five matriarchs and their amazing rogue husbands it isn’t hard let the brand grow. 


Hi I’m Marnie Roberts. I’m the winemaker and owner of Matriarch & Rogue.

I use various methods to allow the fruit character that shows in the vineyard to shine. Time and temperature are our key elements from time of harvest to time on skins, picking in the cool of the night to cold maceration. The wines are allowed to evolve just as the brand has. In its own way and in its own time. The most important work is done in the vineyard with the timing of harvest pivotal in determining the style of each batch.

Growth is continuing with the development and evolution of wines that push the boundaries every vintage while maintaining quality and purity of fruit. Working with growers to develop new concepts to bring to market, seeing what works and what doesn’t.

We are open to opportunities and exploring the potential of where each batch can go and creating products for a hungry market that is constantly looking for something that is new, bright, delicious and has heart. That is my brand.

That is Matriarch & Rogue

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