2021 Bob Fiano


The fruit for this wine is sourced from a single vineyard in the Clare sub-region of Leasingham. Two picks are done to get maximum flavours from this variety. First pick is around 11.5 baume with the fruit bright and pure, taken to the winery to be crushed and left on full skins for fermentation to dry. The second pick is around 13.0 baume when the grapes have a golden blush on them, crushed and them pressed off skins to ferment in tank to dry. Both parcels are then blended together to get the best of both parcels. Filtered and then put to bottle. No added acid.


Tasting NOtes

Bright star. Get a fresh pineapple, cut it open and juice it up. Then mix that with some mango, fresh Thyme, mandarin segments, shake and serve. Pop it in your mouth and these flavours intensify x100. Rich and restrained. Textural and balanced. White wines should have complexity, depth and big flavours. Fiano delivers this is spades.