2023 Dot Riesling


This fruit is sourced from the same single vineyard in Watervale and from the same row numbers every year so, what we get is consistent and a beautiful representation of classic Watervale Riesling. Once harvested, the fruit is quickly crushed and pressed to extract the soft free run juice and separate from the more phenolic pressings. A cool, slow ferment ensures freshness of the resultant wine. Completely dry, the wine is then filtered and put to bottle.


Tasting NOtes

This vineyard consistently produces flavours that fall in line with classic Watervale Riesling wines. Beautifully fragrant with lemon, lime and floral notes. Ive kept the texture of this wine while allowing the acid to lasso all the components and pull it together. This gives the mouthfeel more oomph with a lemon cheesecake after taste. That’s the beauty of Clare Riesling, the quality of the fruit allows the maker little flexibility and demands respect. Its holding its secrets close until you force it to let go with a giant swirl of your glass. Classic.

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